Is Your Ankle or Arm Swelling?

Is Your Ankle or Arm Swelling?

Manage the inflammation with compression items

Any time you injure a limb, there will usually be a fair amount of swelling. But in order to help the healing process along, it's imperative to keep the injury compressed. Home and Hospital Medical Supplies and Services carries compression wear for doctor's offices and individuals. No matter if you need a device for your arm, foot, hand or ankle, we'll find an option that works for you.

Speed up the blood circulation in your legs by wearing TED stockings. Call 315-724-6767 now to see what we have in stock.

Apply pressure where you need to

Whether you were prescribed compression wear or need to stock up for your clinic, our medical supply company has just what you need. We carry compression items like:

  • Compression socks
  • TED stockings
  • Diabetic footwear

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